Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Parking Policy and towing

Effective August 15th, 2015, towing will occur for unauthorized vehicles. Every single home unit is allowed one car in the parking space and must have a residential hang tag clearly displayed.  If you have another car, it can go in the garage, or must be parked on the street.

  • Parking monitoring occurs from 1 am to 5 am.
  • Make sure your license plate tags are current.
  • If you have a handicap spot, you must have your handicap hang tag displayed / have it shown on your license plates per colorado law.

For additional information and guest pass usage, see parking rules in the documents section of the website.

How does guest parking work?

You must validate your guest parking hang tag with management before using it.  The towing company checks for validation.

What paint colors should I use?

This is useful for doing minor touchups to the exterior of the building.  We use Kwal paints, available at the Sherwin Williams store in Parker.  The colors are:

Kwal Gray 8772w, Kwal Blue 8514m, Kwal White cw068w, and Kwal Green 8584m.

What property insurance do I need to have?

You need to have an HO6 insurance for your town home. Make sure you have a loss-assessment value of at least $10,000 (not expensive). Make sure and ask your agent if you get a charge from the HOA to cover the deductible “HOA Assessment”, will your HO6 insurance fully pay the deductible.  It should.

Here’s what can happen: The fine print of many insurance companies states that the loss deductible is $10,000, but the loss deductible that’s applied to HOA assessment is only $1,000 or $2,000.  Get it in writing from your agent that the HOA assessment will be fully covered.

How do I contact the…

To contact the Challenger Park board and management, use this contact form.
If you want to closely get to know the community and what is happening around us, join us at NextDoor, which is like Facebook for the Challenger Park community.

What’s the policy on pets?

A townhome unit can have two household pets, which may include a dog, cat, or other domestic animals which are bona fide pets. As long as the pets are not a danger or nuisance to other people, they’re acceptable. When they’re outside the unit, you must have them on a leash and pickup after them.

Trash and Recycling

Trash pickup happens twice per week: Mon and Fri/Sat.

Dumping mattresses and TV’s in the trash is illegal.  Waste management will refuse to pick these items up.  Dumping big items costs us homeowners extra money to remove.  If you see it happen, let the management company know and they’ll send the bill to the unit.

Best Buy accepts old TV’s, printers, and large electronics for free.  For CFL lightbulbs, you can bring them to Lowes and they will recycle them for free.

I lost my parking pass, what do I do?

According to the parking policy (Part 1, section E) available in the documents:

“Replacement parking permits cost $100.00 each. Any vehicle displaying a permit that has been replaced shall be deemed a vehicle without a valid parking permit.”

Rules on Garage Sales

Garage sales are permitted.  The association follows the rules that are assigned by the Town of Parker.

  • Only 4 signs per residential lot.
  • Signs posted no earlier than Thursday and have to be removed by Sunday 7pm for that weekend garage sale.
  • Signs cannot be any larger than five square feet per side and 4 feet in height.
  • No attaching signs to utility poles, trees etc.  Cannot be placed in medians, roadways, shoulders or bike paths/lanes.
  • Signs must be located 50 feet from all intersections and at least 6 feet from the roadway and lastly, signs must be located at least 10 feet from any other garage sale sign.